Information for Employers

Requirements for Employers

  • Openess and Interest for young motivated people
  • "Give a chance" mentalitiy to young people from other countries
  • Issuing a contract before the arrival of the trainee or professional in Germany
  • Providing shelter for the trainee

Costs for Employers

  • Fees for the Visa application, residence permit and travel cost could be pre-financed from the future employer and compensated afterwards with the monthly payroll
  • Board and lodging, can be compensated via the monthly payroll.
  • Compensation for trainees should be the minimum basic security of the respective federal state
  • Receiving of the trainees in Germany through W&L and support during the first days, when required
  • Lump sum for preparation and local agency fees in the individual country
    (can be deducted from future payroll of the trainee)
  • Agency fee W&L