Information for Professionals and trainees

Requirements for trainees

  • Willingness to integrate in the German culture and working environment
  • Graduate from school and or university
  • Language skills at the time of the applicaton of minimum A1 level
  • Maximum 30 years old for a vocational training


  • Germany language course, might be covered through sponsoring in indiviudal cases
  • Germany language exam
  • Fees for the Visa application and residence permit, could be financed from the future employer and compensated with the monthly payroll

Requirement for Professionals

  • Acknowledgement of the local training qualification in Germany
  • Profession from the Positive List § 6 Absatz 2 Satz 1 Nr. 2 Beschäftigungsverordnung
  • German language skills minimum A1
  • Travel cost


  • Germany language course
  • Fee for process of job acknowledgement in Germany
  • Visa fee
  • residence permit